We provide the industry’s latest in MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), Cryovaced Pouches and Trays, Overwrap Foam Trays, Skin Packed/VSP, Private Labeling, and more.

Skin Packaging

A unique combination of longer shelf life and dramatic product presentation. The product itself serves as the forming die so each package is finished to a smooth, skintight fit. Allows for 18 day shelf life, and is also great frozen. Marketed with a sleeve that slides over the package.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

An optimal blend of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide, within a high barrier or permeable package. A finely adjusted and carefully controlled gas blend is developed to meet the specific respiration needs for each packaged food product. Allows 18 days shelf life fresh.

Vacuum Packaging

Thermoforming machines provide a “Form-Fill-Seal” style that forms the package from rolls of packaging film (webbing). Greatly increases packaging production speed, and can be customized for size, color, clarity, and shape to fit products perfectly, for a consistent appearance. Great for freezing. With the reduction of oxygen, allows 18 days shelf life.

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